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About us

Cerace’ is an artisan candle company managed by women, built around a seven-generation candle making and crafting experience in Bari, Italy.

Passion and creativity are the core values on which our company grows.

Our salespoint is located in its original factory building where, still today, you can look at some of its old artisan utensils which date back to the first years of the 19 hundreds. 

Here you can find accessories, furnishing accessories but most importantly our candles.

The production of our manufactured goods is located in Casamassima in the Baricentro industrial point. 

Here we create our projects, carry out new ideas and craft candles to your personalized requests;

some of your personalized request can be scented candles, candles that float in water, for special occasions and festivities, for your outdoor spaces, for church and much more.

Our production utilizes high quality materials and artisan methods, a true made in Italy